Oil Change

Oil is the lifeline of your engine. Oil not only lubricates the many moving parts, but it also cools down your engine. It is the single, most important part of an engine and what determines its longevity. Using the proper oil and filter is something we can help you with and determine a schedule for optimum performance.

Engine Rebuild

As with anything that moves, friction is what wears down an engine. After a certain amount of miles, an engine needs to be rebuilt. We have rebuilt hundreds of engines, from street cars to race engines.

Tune Up

A tune up is not only a necessity, it saves you money. Everything that moves eventually becomes out of line. Once something is out of line, it loses its efficiency. An engine tune means your car will run smoothly and consume less gasoline.

Brake Service

Let’s face it. We put our lives in our brakes, but rarely think of them. Brakes carry the heavy task of slowing down a heavy car and need to be in optimum condition. Come and have your brakes reviewed by us. You owe it to yourself.

Factory Recommended Maintenance

Almost all cars come with a factory recommended maintenance procedure. We are trained to maintain BMW, Porsche, VW, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Mini and Mercedes.

Engine Repair

Sometimes something can brake in an engine. It can be a minor piece or a piston failure. We can not only help you figure out what broke, but repair to have you up and running as soon as possible.

A/C Repair Service

We live in Los Angeles and with temperatures reaching 100 F, a good working A/C means you will feel comfortable in your car, which also means you are less likely to dose off or not pay attention. Let us see what the state of your car’s A/C system is and see if it needs a refill.

Electric Diagnose and Repair

Cars have miles of cables running through them. Diagnosing an electric failure can be a fun challenge. We have decades of experience working on high-end exotic cars and their electric systems.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a car is the second most expensive and important purchase you can make. Let us help you find out if the car you are about to buy is the right one. Bring in the car you are interested in purchasing to have a fair and accurate inspection.

Transmission Service (Manual only)

In order to go faster, a car needs a transmission system. Like anything that moves in a car, it needs maintenance, and especially lubrication. The right lubrication means your gears will run longer, wear not as fast. If you are already hearing grinding gears, let us rebuild your transmission like new.

Check Engine Light

While most people ignore the “Check engine” light, we would highly recommend you do not. Most of the time, the engine check light is a simple maintenance that will prevent expensive repairs later down the line.

Heating and Cooling System

A gasoline engine, or diesel, for that matter of fact uses an electrical arch to set gas on fire. What this translates to is heat. In order for an engine to not overheat, it needs to be cooled off efficiently. Let us inspect your cooling system to detect early failures.